Why use the Friendclips app?

Friendclips enriches the lives of those with communication difficulties by allowing them to view and share the important people in their lives with others. Through pre-recorded video messages, the people that matter most are always accessible in one, easy-to-use, convenient location. 


Who Can Benefit from Friendclips?

Friendclips is ideal for people who find it hard or impossible to share with others the people in their lives that matter most. Friendclips also enables them to hear from and see the people that they care about at any time they want. 

For those with memory problems, Friendclips can be an important quality-of-life tool, helping them remember and recall friends and family. 

For parents or guardians, it’s reassuring to know the people in their loved one’s life, but not easy to do. Friendclips offers a way for them to virtually “meet” those people and hear something about their relationship. Coaches, guardians, teachers, family members, and others significant to the person may never cross paths, but through Friends, can get to know each other.  

For everyone involved in the user’s life, these clips serve as a rich directory of the person’s social circles. Faces are put to names, and everyone in the circle gets better acquainted. They may even get ideas about how to have a better relationship with the person.  



Friendclips allows users to: 

  • Film, organize, and watch video clips from the people in their life by group: family, friends, colleagues, teammates, classmates, etc.

  • Hear a personal message from someone whenever they want, even when they are far away or busy

  • Introduce their friends or family from one group to those from another

  • Share information regarding how they relate to a variety of people

  • Use the app as a name and face memorization tool

  • Help them remember important people