Know Me Profile Overview

1. What is a Know Me Profile?

Picture a screen sized poster about you - when you touch an item, it dives into more information about that particular item.  That way, people can narrow in on aspects of you they want or need to know more about. (You can also create separate Profiles for specific viewers: employers, coaches, teachers, friends, etc.)

Profile's design was carefully developed with these objectives in mind: a.) efficiency for the busy viewer (A picture is worth a thousand words.), b.) visual appeal so it's fun to read, c.) ease of creation, d.) accessibility.

2. How can they be used?

  • To create a consistent, reliable "official" version of how you want to be presented.

  • To make sure that "official" version is used.

  • For efficient filing and retrieval of documents, reducing administrative burden.

  • To make your records portable.

  • To represent yourself by handing doctors, coaches, neighbors, etc. a Know Me profile.

  • To allow more people to really know who you are.

  • As a collaborative tool to get input from others.

3. Where do I start?

The app links to this help section and there are also on screen coaching tips that can be reopened as often as necessary. This may be all the help you need, but if you want to know more about the real experience of creating a profile check out Susan's blog. This can be especially helpful for individuals or teams helping others create profiles.