Bookshelf Overview

Bookshelf is a resource center for the official version of in-depth information about you. It's a comprehensive, organized set of files you can share with people you choose, and may be useful for training others.

The first time you go to someone’s Bookshelf (including your own) on a device, the app will download all of the items so you can continue to view them if you go offline. If there are a lot of items on the Bookshelf, especially large files, this can take a while.

Here are examples of the kinds of files you can add:


  • Information you may need to access quickly like contacts or medical and emergency documents

  • Legal or planning documents and personal identity information

  • Descriptions of your preferred way of doing things like hobbies, schedules, routines, hobbies, adaptations, how you communicate, how you use equipment

  • Pictures/collages: you can't add pictures to Bookshelf (there are too many!) However, you can create a pdf of one special visual or a collage of pictures

  • A collage of your expressions and what they mean

  • How you like your room to look for holidays


  • You doing things people might not know you can do, that you do a special way

  • Activities you might not be able to replicate in doctors or therapists offices

  • Memories

Website Links

  • Your medical records

  • Social media accounts

  • Favorite online games

  • Information about a condition you have

  • Groups you belong to