How can I interact with someone else's account?

Friendclips does not have a “follow” feature in the app, as opposed to Know Me Toolbox. If you would like to watch the videos in someone else’s account on your own iPad or iPhone, you will have to log into the Friendclips app using their email address and password. It’s up to them whether they share it with you.

Of course, once you log into someone else’s account, you have the same full access that they do, meaning you can add new videos, organize, and delete videos. While this is an easy way to record and add a video of yourself if you are unable to record on the account owner’s device, please be respectful of their account while you are logged in.

Another way to add a video of yourself to someone else’s account, if you’re unable to be in the same place as them, is to record a video on your personal device and email that video as an attachment to the account owner. They can then save it to the camera roll of their iPad or iPhone, and add it within the app.